Yearly Events

Look for and attend one of the many events we host every year to give back to the community!
Rivals "Raise The Ladder" for "Make a Wish" • Rivals "Firefighter Chili Cookoff"

Host Your Fundraiser at Rivals!

Host your own fundraiser with us! Call and we can help you plan your event!

• Back Bar Fundraiser will be charged a minimum of 25 people
• Dining Room Fundraiser will be charged a minimum of 80 people
• Fundraisers larger than 125 need special consideration from Ownership and need to be discussed before booking

2 Hour Fundraiser is $15 per person to Rival*

• Unlimited pizza
• Unlimited chicken wings (boneless or traditional)
• Unlimited Tossed salad with dressings
• Bar Service: domestic draft beer and soft drinks

*Guest organization can charge whatever they want to attendees, usually $25- $30. We suggest guest charges a "pre-sale price" lower than "at-the-door price" to encourage early commitments from attendees.

• All drinks are added to one "Party Tab" with a 20% gratuity added to the bill prior to payment. Host can limit the items guests can order (i.e. well and domestic, draft only, etc.)
• Host organization will be charged for the drinks served.

• Host will ask for a specific number of tickets prior to the event to give out to guests. Host is in charge of passing out the tickets. The tickets will be redeemed for the drink ordered. Again, Host can determine what the tickets are good for (i.e. domestic, top-shelf, all, etc.) Drinks will be rung under "Party Tab" and a 20% gratuity will be added. This is a good option for parties who wish to purchase their guests first or second drink and would like a Cash Bar after.

• Guests are responsible for their own beverages. Credit cards will be required to start tabs, otherwise they will have to "pay as they go."

• $1 per guest (all guests)
• This fee can be waived if Host buys drink tickets or uses the Open Bar option. Includes all soda flavors, coffee and iced tea

• If Host would like other options, a discussion with the General Manager or Ownership can take place regarding their requirements. (i.e. Host would like to buy 12 bottles of wine only for the group, a champagne toast, or would like a special cocktail made for the party, etc.). We will do our best to accommodate, but all options may not be possible. Adequate notice will have to be given as well.

• Room Fee: $300
• Room fees are collected at time of booking and are only refundable 2 weeks prior to the event. Room is not reserved until fee is paid – First come, first served.
• Room fee is for the private use of the room for 3 hours. Additional fees for additional hours.
• All parties will have a 20% gratuity added to their bar and/or food bills and applicable taxes
• All on-site catering is subject to a 20% gratuity

• Portable bar that brings the beverages to you!
• Private meeting rooms – or availability of entire facility
• Catering at your location. A delivery fee, setup fee or various labor fees may apply for off-site parties. These fees will be discussed during the booking of your event